When and Where

We will maintain and manage your company's presence at Realty offices, here's how:

First, get us your marketing material

TIt all starts with your rack cards/brochures and business cards. Upon recieving your material, we will sort and organize material along with stands.

Third, An accounting and summary of delivery will be forwarded to your company.

TOnce a full route delivery has been performed,alk, share, and make decisions in open channels across your team, in private groups for sensitive matters, or use direct messages one-to-one.

Fifth, we will return to these realty offices every 3 months (quarterly).

We want to make sure your business stays fullt stocked and present at all times. Realtors become familiar with your business when you are present all the time. We will make sure that your marketing material is replenished.  

Second, all material is loaded driven to Realty Offices

Upon arrival, we will politely introduce ourselves to the front receptionist or realtor.  We will offer to set your display up in the designated advertising media area. Next, we will offer your marketing material to every realtor via their office mail box. A signature will be obtained from that office. A summary of what went on thee will berecorded and then on to the next realty location.

Forth, An invoice will be sent to your office.

Payment is accepted by check or credit card. All invoices are to be paid within 7 days after submission.

Sixth, Your company will now have an advantage among competitors. any Amazing Things

By taking advantage of this opportunity, your company will have a marketing edge.  Give realtors the material to hand over to their customers will allow your company to stand out.  Many buyers trust the information given to them from their realtor. It also gives your business the chance to show and provide excellent service to realtor;s clients.  This is the way solid business relationships are built!